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Get to know us better.

The Boutique

Our approach to fashion is selling quality products with beautiful details at a fair price point. We have thoughtfully curated a range of boutique fashion collections for your everyday wear. Each collection reflects a unique fashion vibe to suit a woman's individual style and flair. 

We've purposely themed all of our collections with neutral tones and monochromatic styles to keep collections timeless and easy for you to build your wardrobe, your way. We continuously add new styles to our core collections, showcase seasonal capsule collections, and maintain the vision of offering accessible luxury to the modern woman.

The Mission

We envision a world where every woman is empowered to express herself and her style in her own way. We are committed to providing all women with fashion and lifestyle inspiration for living her best self every day. We continuously seek to sell brands with an eco-conscious footprint and brand integrity to continue our evolving earth trend. This is our mission, and the impact we seek to make for years to come. 

Our personal mission is to give back by working with women's charitable organizations across Canada to empower and uplift women to look and feel their best. We are currently devising innovative ways of doing this and will share our programs when we launch.

The Brand

HERLOWE is a Canadian women-owned and women-run business that serves women by selling beautiful and thoughtfully curated fashion collections for the everyday woman. We aim to provide our customers with an engaging and seamless online boutique shopping experience, and we are committed to continue to evolve with the ever-changing fashion and retail landscape.

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