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“The HERLOWE Woman owns her modern-rural lifestyle and lives it like a woman larger than life.

She is independent, confident, adventurous, compassionate, and lives life by her own rules.

She is constantly evolving just like nature itself.”



Whether you live in your forever home or travel to it, within our collections you will find a little bit of everything to complement your personal style and enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. 

Our Vision

If you are in love with your modern-rural lifestyle....then HERLOWE is for you!  We wanted to create an all around online shopping experience for women. Beautiful collections for both you and your home.

We consider HERLOWE to be a lifestyle brand that is designed for women of all ages who live in or travel to their forever home. A place where you can take a breath, slow down, and enjoy your online shopping experience with us. We aim to curate collections we think you'll love and offer quality products at affordable prices. HERLOWE hosts collections that are ideal for women who appreciate modern and traditional home decor, love their personal style and skincare, enjoy gift-giving and entertaining, covet well deserved me-time, and care about themselves and their environment.

HERLOWE is a Canadian women-owned and women-run company that has partnered with other like-minded Canadian and US brands to give women a personal shopping experience, and a friendly online destination that offers some of the best of what the modern-rural lifestyle has to offer.