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large modern canvas art

Danielle Broomfield



  Médiums mixtes


Meet The Artist

Danielle Broomfield is an accomplished French Canadian multidisciplinary artist whose creative process borrows the techniques of abstraction, abstract expressionism, and action painting. Her personal charm and charisma are expressed in every detail of every piece of work she produces.

After graduating with two Bachelor Degrees from Laval University in Quebec, both in Visual Arts and Teaching Visual Arts and Dramatic Arts, Danielle fervently pursued her career as an artist in Quebec and earned recognition for two of her sculptures which were exhibited and sold at the Salon du Pavillon Pollock in the Galerie des Arts. She also earned accolades for the auction of one of her paintings at The Happening, as well as won third prize for her snow sculpture at the Quebec Winter Carnival.

In 2001, Danielle attained a position as an Arts Teacher in Whitby, Ontario. From class to class, from visual arts festivals to theatre festivals; from improvisation competitions to fashion shows, she and her students contributed to enriching the artistic culture of their school and the lives of others. To this day, on the walls of the school's corridors, the permanent trace of it's students and their journey with Danielle can be found portrayed in huge and magnificent colourful murals.

Danielle’s personal philosophy with regard to her art is traces, marks, shapes, opaque colours, melted colours, and mixed colours in spread layers, as well as superimposed, printed, embossed, and engraved styles....everything is allowed; as long as the materials, the mediums, and the real, represented, and invented textures animate every inch of the painting.

Today, Danielle spends her days in her studio on a beautiful lake in Ontario, Canada and is often found at peace with her fingers speckled with colours in front of a large canvas.

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